A Cold weather gift for travelers

A Cold weather gift for travelers

A Cold weather gift for travelers

It doesn't matter It's fall or winter and you just love the beautiful times of the year when you can enjoy hiking long destinations and camping in the vast wilderness surrounding the mountains. Due to temperature changes, It could be a challenge for your body. If you are a seasoned traveler you may experience how important warm footwear is or ( If you are a seasoned hiker, you can feel the importance of warm footwear) People have forgotten how warm wool is.

Are you interested in buying handmade wool socks but have doubts about how to choose the right ones? 

There are so many choices of wool socks online and it's impossible to try all of them! Do you have 2 more minutes?  

There are 2 types of handmade wool socks. 

Socks made from 100% wool:                                   

  1. Due to its long “hairy”  fibers, wool feels rough, itchy, and scratchy, and it's not recommended for people with sensitive skin. These socks are chunky knit and won't fit with your boots if the boots are not a half-size bigger. They are just too thick, and bulky to fit your snow boots. 
  2. After washing the socks they can shrink and make holes faster and don't stretch
  3. Due to authentic wool properties, it has a smell
  4. They are cheaper because thick 8 strain yarn takes faster to knit
  5. Still very nice just a little rustic.

While socks made from 75% wool/25% is: 

  1. is spun in softer wool quality and feels cozy and snuggly.
  2. The 4-strain yarn is thinner, lightweight, and can fit with your boots, sneakers
  3.  is superwash-treated wool and strengthened with polyamide for reinforcement, which can last for up to three years. After washing regains its shape.
  4.  The yarn doesn't smell 
  5. The yarn costs more due to texture, color patterns, and brand. The yarn is thinner and takes more hours to knit. The price is higher. 
  6. Fun to wear and doesn't take a lot of place in your baggage

Why you should wear wool socks during your travels? 

Wool is a great insulator and helps regulate body temperature, and manage moisture, and is perfect for sweaty feet. It also resists odors for the comfort of several uses. Indeed they can be worn multiple times before washing. Wool fibers naturally have anti-bacterial properties and can actually hold a third of their weight before it even starts to feel wet. Wool also dries much more quickly than cotton or other synthetics.

Try handmade wool socks and you will never go back to a basic store to buy socks ever again. 

Visit my website ww.Knitwoolsocks.com and choose the perfect pair of socks made just for You. 

Press the order now and Keep your feet comfortably warm with your skiing boots, on long flies, or on camping nights.

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